Airshows can easily attract 10.000s of visitors. Unfortunately the number of relevant events in Europe has been decreasing over the last years, mainly due to budget restrictions of the armed forces.


Nevertheless the major events see a lot of aircraft from many different countries on the ground as well as in the air where the crews show their skills and the abilities of their aircraft.


As these aerial displays are usually pretty dynamic, they offer a great chance for some action shots.


Have fun to take a look at our galleries and get a feeling of the noisy and powerful athmosphere we experienced...


All exercises usually have several things in common:


- a lot of aircraft and helicopters

- a lot of flying activity

- a lot of aviation enthusiasts outside the fence


For us the main exercises have been Frisian Flag, held at Leeuwarden in the north of Friesland and the NATO Tiger Meet at different locations which change on an annual basis.

Outside the base

Spending a day (or two) outside the fence at an airbase can be very enjoyable but also challenging. Parking the car, finding the right place, fighting with the sun and the local security forces can keep you busy. Apart from that you never know what happens (if something happens) and what will show up. As every day is different it is a great way to spend your time outside and take pictures of military aircraft taking off and landing.